Dr. Ravindra S. Chaudhari (Ayurvedacharya)

Dr. Ravindra S. Chaudhari. (B.A.M.S.)

Dr.Ravindra Chaudhari was born in the year 1957 at, Pratap Hospital, Amalner, Dist: Jalgaon.

He completed his secondary and higher secondary education from Pratap High School and Pratap College, Amalner, respectively. After that he studied Ayurvedic Medicine at Radhakisan Toshniwal Ayurvedic College, Akola and received the BAMS (Ayurvedacharya) degree in the year 1984.

He practised at his elder brother Dr.Vasant Chaudhari's Clinic at Bhusawal, Dist; Jalgaon for six moths and got first hand experience in clinical medicine. He started his own clinic immediately after that experience and started doing general practise at Amalner and Manglur village.

While doing the practise he always had a sympathy for the childless couples and felt the pain and agony in their meaningless lives. He was having a keen interest, curiosity and the desire of knowledge of Infertility and started reading books, magazines frantically on the subject. He also started giving medicines on trial basis to the childless couples.

After receiving medicines many patients started giving encouraging results and that prompted him to do more research in the field and then in the year 2004 he started - “ Infertility Consultation and Treatment Centre.”

The success stories had reached the number of 1176 in the short span of 6-7 years and still going on. He gets the help from his wife Dr. Aruna, daughter Dr.Rashmi and son Dr.Akash who are also doctors and having interest in his endeavour. He gives the credit of all his success to his parents, wellwishers and above all God.

He says, “I get immense satisfaction in treating Infertile patients and seeing them getting good results because of my medicines.The smile and happiness on their faces make me very happy”.

He says he always pray to the god for the unhappy couples to make them happy by giving them an offspring.